3D Hair Stroke Eyebrows – Get a Natural Look

When looking at getting eyebrows permanently applied, there are a number of options available that make it difficult to choose between. However, there is one that delivers a much more natural look and that will almost always be indistinguishable between your natural brows and those that are applied. This method is the 3D hair stroke eyebrows method.

3d Hair Stroke Eyebrows Method

There are three different ways to use this method; to create a brow where there is no hair, to fill in a brow that is missing hair, or to make an existing brow look larger or more defined by shading it in. Each of them has a slightly different success rate, and is recommended for people of different ages or who have different levels of damage from the sun. People who have taken good care of their skin and have maintained a youthful complexion will not have any problems when getting a hair stroke eyebrow tattoo.

Creating a Brow

Creating a brow where there is no hair is most recommended for people with more youthful skin. This is because the pigment will not have to compete with damaged areas, and will also last longer. While this can be done on people with damaged skin, it is likely that it will need to be touched up after a few years. If you are comfortable with doing these touch-ups, this can still be a great option for people suffering from hair loss as they get older.

Filling in Missing Hair

Filling in an eyebrow that has lost some of its shape, or that looks patchy can actually be done on any skin type. This is the most popular reason to get this procedure done and is one of the most likely to succeed. This type of procedure very rarely needs to be touched up and will generally look very natural. The color used can actually mimic the natural brow with ease, making it almost impossible to determine what is real hair and what is the tattoo. This is why it is very popular with people who has problem spots in their brows.

3d hair stroke eyebrow example

Defining the Brow

Finally, creating a more permanent defined brow effect can be done with this method when using slightly different tints. It is possible to slightly darken or vary the look of hairs on the outside of the brows, making them easy to groom and reducing the amount of makeup needed in day to day life.

The procedure itself is rather simple. The pigment is dragged or stroked to create the look of a hair. This is then repeated over and over, with hairs being built up in certain areas. The end result is a hair stroke eyebrow tattoo that mimics the look of eyebrows, without looking like it is actually made from ink.

Most people who get 3D hair stroke eyebrows as their choice of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo are extremely satisfied and find that they are less likely to need touch-ups or to feel like they need to add additional makeup to their brows in their day to day life.