Permanent Eyeliner – How Much Does it Cost?

Choosing to get permanent eyeliner can be a costly decision to some, and being informed about the costs will certainly the decision process. While most health care providers do not cover permanent eyeliner from micropigmentation and microblading, it is still worth your time to consult your professional and see if there is any compensation.

The cost can vary individually from professional to professional, however the average cost for an initial appointment appears to average around $100. However, appointment costs can be up to $1500 depending on which professional you choose to get your procedure done. For some, this price will make them shy away. For others however, this can be a measly cost for the benefits gained from permanent eyeliner.

Is Permanent Eyeliner worth the Cost?

Permanent eyeliner is an excellent boon to one's appearance, and will prove to be a significant boost to overall facial attractiveness.

It works the same way that regular eyeliner does by darkening the eyelid area around the eye and thus improving the appearance of the eye, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

The process is permanent, so if you invest in expensive eyeliner it would certainly be smart to consider how much you could save in the longer term as a result of having to buy significantly less eyeliner makeup.

permanent eyeliner makeup

Another cost that could be associated with the process is the pain cost. Clients have said that the pain is not usually an issue, and that the process simply feels like small scratches on the skin. The needles used for the process are much smaller than tattoo needles and do not go as deep. This results in a less painful and more precise process than tattooing. Any professional will tell you that the pain is not a big issue, and that any results achieved will make the pain an afterthought.

For those thinking about not getting permanent eyeliner styles, there is another cost to be associated with choosing this route. If you lead a busy life or commonly find yourself applying makeup in the car, this will be a step in the process saved. You can simply apply your eyeliner three years in advance and save yourself trouble in the future. Saving money on eyeliner in the long run is another boon that will result from permanent eyebrows procedures. The makeup will also never face or blotch up and sting your eyes, as it is water proof, sweat proof, and essentially life proof. You will always look stunning with your permanent eyeliner on, and truly, what's the cost of always looking good?

Should I Get Permanent Eyeliner?

This is a question commonly asked, and one that you must carefully consider. After reading the factors above, you may still have more questions about the permanent eyeliner procedure. The process is very similar to the permanent eyebrow procedure and permanent lip color procedures, just on a smaller scale. This will reduce the cost of covering the area and is worthy to keep in mind. We highly recommend consulting a medical professional in microblading and micropigmentation to get a cost evaluation for the procedure you are interested in.