Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare – Effective Professional Tips

Semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare is essential in order to sustain the natural color and perfect appearance of your recently tattooed brows. There are cases that people who do not practice proper maintenance suffer from instant dullness of their brows. Since touch-ups or upgrades are not recommended to be done constantly, they have to wait and live with their fading brows, which is not good. Professionals often recommend aftercare for semi-permanent eyebrows since from the name itself, the pigment colors will not stay on your skin longer than expected.

To help you be aware of your aftercare routine in case you will undergo semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, here are some tips that will help ease the process along and best preserve your permanent makeup.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare Tips

Keep It Clean

You should be aware that microblading requires cleaning the area that was recently treated. Included in the semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare is the use of a cotton wool merely damped in water every couple of hours.

Prior to the application of a cream, which may likely be Vaseline, you should wash your hands. Be reminded that the tattooed skin could be very sensitive. Infection may take place in case your hands are filled with dirt or bacteria.

semi-permament eyebrows aftercare

Expect Mild Discomfort

You are dealing with a cosmetic solution that is tattooed. You will achieve your overall natural look about four to ten days. You may likely experience fading of the pigmentation as well but nonetheless, you must not be alarmed for the true shade of your semi-permanent cosmetic will appear. It is a normal reaction of your skin to form once again after crust forms.

There are patients who even encounter irritation, redness, and itch. The simple remedy to this is to apply an ice pack. This is also equally effective in dealing with mere swelling.

Do Not Use Overly Frozen Ice Packs

Many patients commit mistakes in carrying out the semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare using ice packs. If you use overly frozen ice packs, complications may occur in your skin cells. Blood vessels may be constricted as well, leading to more serious swelling. You should only cool your skin a few times as instructed. In the second day, you may settle with tea bags or warm packs instead.

Keep Your Hair Away

Inclusive of the semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare is keeping your hair away from your face. Your hair is a thriving place for dirt, bacteria, and excess oils. Letting it touch your face may result to infection.

Avoid Applying Unsafe Compounds

You should not treat your face right away with any solutions no matter how natural these products are. Professionals recommend that you should avoid water, cleansers, and soap on the treated areas. You should also prevent makeup and retin-A. Exposing your face to treated liquid also has the same effect, such as swimming pools, saunas, and Jacuzzis.

Do Not Remove Scabs

It is indeed irritating to deal with the crust developing on the treated area. However, you should control yourself not to remove the scabs forcefully.

Simply follow the provided tips for an effective semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare routine, and you will soon enjoy a more confident and more appealing you minus the touch-ups and extra makeup.