Semi-Permanent Eyebrows: Worth a Try?

More and more women, and even men, are taking interest to the amazing advantages of semi-permanent eyebrows. Whether you like it feathered, straight, thick, thin, natural-looking, or shaped in the way celebrities sport it, you got it with micropigmentation eyebrows. You no longer have to wake up earlier just to prepare yourself for work given the time-consuming eyebrow makeup. With a semi-permanent eyebrow, you are only required to upgrade them every now and then to sustain their great appearance.

If you are new to microblading, then it is time for you to know more about the great advancement in cosmetics. You will never know if this is the answer to your long-time prayer.

Brief Review on Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Not all are aware of the major concept of semi-permanent eyebrows, which may include you since you have been used to traditional use of apply-on makeup. Basically, if you have tried every possible product to get that perfect eyebrow, such as stencil, pencil, gel, pigment, and powder, semi-permanent eyebrow is your last resort. Besides the convenience, the natural-looking effect of the more permanent solution will change your life for certain.

dermabladed eyrbrow example

It may be doubtful at first to trust a cosmetic solution claiming to generate a 3D effect on your face. Moreover, it could also be daunting to know that you may also need healing after the tattooing process. Nonetheless, this is not the case with the cosmetic advancement, which is why many people are obsessed with it.

Form of Tattooing

Microblading is a form of a tattoo process. Pigment will be implanted under your skin. The expert will not use a machine, but will settle with a handheld tool to shape your eyebrows more naturally. The objective of the eyebrow expert is to follow your hair stroke. Mimicking your natural eyebrow strands is paramount, which will also keep the tattoo expert from implanting pigment too deep under your skin.

Preparation Is Necessary

It is also imperative to prepare for the process. Although you may imagine it as a simple airbrush process at a salon, it still demands proper pre-treatment steps. In case you are used to taking retinol or aspirin, you will be asked to stop seven days prior to the process. These are medications that will cause your skin to bleed more than necessary. To avoid too much blood during the process, you have to prevent alcohol, blood thinners, and aspirin.

Pain Factor

If you want to know the pain factor, then you must be aware that it has always been relative to the process. This will also depend on the patient. There are others who may feel stings, whereas others compare it with getting scratches. Conclusively, you could say that no matter what pain you encounter, everything is bearable. The semi-permanent eyebrow will also apply a numbing solution to keep you from feeling uncomfortable during the process.

before and after semi permanent eyebrows

Time Consumption

You have to be patient whenever you are undergoing the tattoo process. New clients may need to spare at least a couple of hours for the procedure. It takes careful measures to ensure that you will have a set of natural eyebrows.


Similar to any cosmetic procedure, you have to practice certain maintenance measures. This is to avoid the quick dulling of your eyebrow color and appearance. It is advised that after the tattoo process, you have to keep your eyebrows from too much moisture of sweat. You may use ointments as well to address redness or itch factor. These after effects may also depend on the patient since there are others who feel comfortable to go out instantly.

Sensitive Procedure

You should not trust low-priced providers of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. There are cases inexperienced technicians may cause more damage. Consider the aesthetic change a part of your beauty investment.

Top Advantages of Semi-Permanent Eyebrow

Given the brief review concerning permanent cosmetics, you may still want to learn more about this cosmetic solution. To convince you to trust this permanent eyebrow makeup instead of constantly putting your cosmetic every day, you should take into consideration its advantages.

End to Daily Hassle

One of the biggest advantages of considering semi-permanent eyebrows is the elimination of the need to put on your makeup every morning. If you are not a morning person, this would be a great choice for you. Even when it comes to celebrities, they decide to undergo permanent makeup procedure to enhance their looks without wearing generally used cosmetics.

If you will use hair by hair eyebrow tattoo, you no longer have to check if both your eyebrows are equally shaped. Touch-ups at certain times of the day will also be avoided. Given the advancements in makeup tattoos, no one would find out that you are wearing one. The subtlety is there. 3D eyebrow tattoo experts have the objective to make people not know you have undergone a procedure.

Due to the convenience offered by the procedure, there are people who even remove their entire brows to replace with the semi-permanent ones. This is to ensure that they will have a set of eyebrows that are easier to maintain.

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Savings for a Lifetime

Naturally, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo may last up to 18 months. This is a considerably long time for a cosmetic solution. Although upgrades may be necessary, you no longer have to worry about buying pricey eyebrow pencils that run out instantly.


You could be certain that the tattoo experts or doctors make use of hypoallergenic, mineral-based, non-toxic, or natural solutions. The pain may be there, but it does not mean you will not heal after a short time. Moreover, there are others that may experience post-treatment irritation, but it will only for short-term. As reiterated by the eyebrow experts, the side effects of the tattoo operation are dependent on the patient. It cannot be concluded that all will suffer from it.

Aesthetic Benefit

The main reason why you underwent the eyebrow tattooing procedure is to enhance your appearance, and you will see the results immediately. If you have brows that are naturally thin or light-colored, you could make them fuller with the operation.

Additionally, you can ascertain that your eyebrows may look natural, but the perfection will be present. Simply imagine an expert creating the correct symmetry, shape, density, and balance for your eyebrows. You may get more than a salon-like makeup service.

Quick Solution for Eyebrow Loss

There are people who suffer from eyebrow loss not only due to negligence. The rest may have been losing their eyebrow strands due to alopecia or cancer therapy. With the tattooing option, it can easily bring back their confidence.

Better Facial Definition

There are tweaks on your looks that could perfectly define your face. If you will have eyebrows that are properly shaped and placed, you will have a cleaner and thinner appearance. There are cases that it may even create an illusion that you have wide eyes.

Are There Disadvantages Associated With the Solution?

Apart from the advantages of the solution, you are likely interested if there are cons linked to microblading. Similar to any type of cosmetic remedy, there will be claimed disadvantages. Nonetheless, the experts in the field would have instant means of addressing or preventing these cons.

eyebrows before after

Living With It Longer

Since you have requested for a semi-permanent makeup solution, anticipate that you have to live with it longer. It may take more than a year before a touch-up is necessary. Even if you want to get rid of them, it will be an expensive procedure and pain is guaranteed. Nonetheless, this is not often the case. Most patients who undergo the treatment would always want to keep their perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Experts Are Required

There are people who commit mistakes by trusting unprofessional tattooists. You have to remember that this is a sensitive procedure. Only experts in cosmetic procedure should handle your eyebrows to guarantee that your desired look will be achieved. There are cheaply priced eyebrow packages that may only make you look old or your brows unlikely too unnatural-looking.

This is a disadvantage that you can prevent. There are various salons and clinics that offer the service. The price may be high for the procedure, but consider your long-term savings. By having your eyebrows tattooed, you no longer have to shop for gels, pencils, or powders regularly.

Degree of Pain

It should be understood that there is pain involved with the process. This is not denied by the professional who take care of the procedure. Nonetheless, they make use of numbing creams to keep you from the tingling feeling while your eyebrows are being pigmented. Take note that there are others who also reported that the pain is only for a short time. The rest even claimed that they did not feel any pain at all, which implies that it may depend on the patient.

Losing Trend

There are women who do not prefer the use of tattooing procedure for their eyebrows due to changing trends. Previously, thin eyebrows are more desirable in the show business. Nonetheless, as time passed, thicker eyebrows are now sought for. If you constantly change your style, this may not be the solution. However, this is not a big issue if you are only concerned on keeping your eyebrows look natural.

Sensitivity Issue

There are women who are too sensitive with pigmentation processes, resulting to scars after the eyebrow treatment. Every patient is oriented prior to the procedure. You simply need to be honest to your doctor so that you will not suffer in the end. Professionals may also check your skin to guarantee that sensitivity will not be encountered. This may be a disadvantage that depends if you are stubborn to still proceed while knowing you have scarring history.

Sagging Overtime

You have to remember that tattoos sag along with your skin. If you are aging, anticipate that you may no longer maintain the youthful appearance granted by the treatment. However, you must take note that aging will occur no matter how you attempt to control it.

Tips for Undergoing Semi-Permenant Brows Procedure

Prior to undergoing a procedure, you should also be aware of the things to carry out so the treatment will be more than successful for your part. Remember, you are partly responsible for the results of the cosmetic solution. Given below are the things you should keep in mind:

Work With Permanent Makeup Technicians

Even if you are only dealing with brows improvement, you still need a professional to carry out the procedure. Do not be lured with low-priced procedures that will bring you harm than good. Only the professionals can attain your desired looks. They know how to apply balance to both of your eyes.

Be Prepared for Time-Consuming Treatment

You should be cognizant that the procedure needs time dedication. The tattooing may take around an hour or two. If you can take a day off for your schedule, you should do so. Remember, not all patients are capable of going out after the procedure. There are times that they still need a short time for further healing.

Remember It Is a Tattoo Process

Before you say yes to the procedure, keep in mind that pigments will be implanted under your skin. Although it is semi-permanent, it will take time before the brows will dull in appearance. It may also be quite painful, but expert clinics make use of numbing solution to keep you comfortable while under the procedure.

Follow the Expert’s Advices

You should be compliant to every instruction provided by an expert eyebrow tattooist. He or she knows what to do in certain scenarios. If you have to apply certain topical solutions, you may do so, for these may lessen your skin reactions after the procedure.

Accept It Is an Investment

The process may be pricey, but it is worth it. If you need perfect results, you need an expert to do your brows. In case you need corrections, the packages often include free touch-ups for a certain time.

You can now achieve your desired semi-permanent eyebrows by visiting an expert near you. It may be costly, but the results will certainly be worth every penny. Simply follow the guidelines also provided above, and you can obtain all the advantages that the procedure can offer.