Semi-Permanent Eyeliner – Everything You Wanted to Know

Many women are choosing to get microblading treatments done to enhance their natural beauty and appearance. One way to achieve this effect and relieve yourself of future troubles is to get semi-permanent eyeliner. If you choose to get the procedure done, you will no longer need to worry about applying your eyeliner perfectly. Instead, you can enjoy a salon quality makeup look that will highlight your eyes everywhere you go. You may still have some questions about the process however, so keep reading and we’ll address everything that comes to your mind.

Should You Choose Semi-Permanent Eyeliner?

Getting semi-permanent eyeliner applied is like getting a tattoo. Instead of making elaborate designs for skin decoration however, the goal is to create a natural looking anchor for your beauty. In the case of semi-permanent eyeliner, this anchor will be the eyeliner itself and its ability to highlight and enhance the beauty of the eyes. This will boost your overall facial attractiveness and improve the look of youth and health on your face.

How is Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Applied?

The process is like getting tattoos, however creating lifelike and natural looking makeup effects requires more precision. The solution to this is to use smaller needles and the trained hands and expertise of a certified medical technician. The needles are microscopic in size, which lends itself to the name microblading.

The first step in the process is the pre-work phase. The micropigmentation technician will apply makeup and consult with the patient to ensure that the result will meet and exceed expectations. Once the patient approves of the look, work can begin.

Local anesthetics may be applied depending on the opinions of the medical technician and the patient, however do not be alarmed if they are not used.

The needles are loaded up with natural pigments made from minerals. The medical technician will then begin work with the machine and their expertly trained hand. The microscopic needles will feel like a slight pinching sensation on the skin, however not as bad as a tattoo. This is due to the smaller needle size and less penetration, as tattoos target deep dermal layers. Micropigmentation targets upper dermal layers which will provide a more natural and even look.

semi permanent eyeliner example

Depositing ink beneath the skin around the eyes, the microblading technician is particularly careful and precise. This requires both medical training and an artistic vision to get a perfect result. These technicians can be considered makeup experts, as a semi-permanent eyeliner job can last a long time.

After the procedure is done, cleanup of the area and quick inspection takes place with the patient to ensure the result is satisfactory. The patient will then be free to leave after they are given proper instruction for aftercare of the area.

Aftercare of the area is like that of the tattoo. The area must be covered and kept clean to prevent scarring. With the proper aftercare, the area will be looking like you just walked out of the salon for a long time to come. The results can be stunning and you will no longer need to worry about applying the perfect eyeliner job every day, as you can be prepared ahead of time. Another benefit to be considered is the durability of the eyeliner. You will not need to worry about fading, smudging, or smearing like normal eyeliner. Through wet conditions, sweat or friction, your eyeliner will look perfect and feel natural as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

People will wonder how your eyes always look perfectly highlighted. You’ll know that it’s thanks to your semi-permanent eyeliner and salon quality appearance.