Semi-Permanent Makeup: What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of considering semi-permanent makeup? If you do, maybe it is time for you to give it a try. You must be among those people who hate waking up too early and spend a lot of time in the mirror to fix your cosmetics. There are also possible cases that you have been late for work given your uneven eyebrow makeup. It is exhausting, but this could be solved with semi-permanent makeup.

semi permanent eyebrow makeup before and after photo

Besides your semi-permanent eyebrows, there are other aesthetic solutions that could stay longer on your face without looking unnatural. All it takes is to consider a different approach of re-defining your face. Nonetheless, you have a chance to know more about the process to release you from doubts.

What Exactly Is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup imitates the appearance of cosmetics on your face. It is not limited to your tattooed eyebrows, but also covers lipstick, eyeliners, or lip liner. It is done through the micropigmentation process. Safe mixtures with colors will be implanted under your skin to sustain the appearance of makeup for a long time. Commonly, professionals make use of a handheld tool to achieve the natural look of the makeup without people around you noticing.

You could expect the procedure to take around half an hour to two hours at the maximum. Numbing the area to be treated is also done since there is a possibility of pain during the treatment. Generally, it is almost equal to tattooing since it will appear very dark at first application. In time, it will fade. Swelling may also take place up to five times, and crust may also form prior to complete healing.

It must be understood that it is not a cheap procedure. The upfront costs may be high, but it is worth every penny. Simply imagine buying your expensive cosmetics every now and then to eliminate all of your makeup after the procedure. The cost of every treatment may reach up to a thousand dollars. The value of the procedure may vary depending on the output.

Other facts that you want to learn about the procedure are given below.

Various Devices Used

Besides from the common tattoo pen, you may also anticipate the professionals to use a rotary machine to execute the procedure. Before the process is being done, you need to attend a consultation with your doctor. It must be confirmed that you are eligible for the semi-permanent makeup or not, considering if you have sensitivity or scarring issues.

Benefactors of Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

You will get the utmost benefits from the aesthetic solution if you meet the requirements set by professionals. For instance, you are at the right age to receive the treatment or your skin does not have scarring history. Most interested patients are young adults. Although sensitivity of the skin is being discussed with the doctor, the solution also helps people who cannot wear traditional makeups, to still enhance their appearance.

People who want to look perfect even while performing sports, such as aerobics, swimming, and tennis, may also take regard of the treatment. Unlike normal cosmetics, even your sweat will not fade your makeup.

If you are a person who finds it complex to master the application of makeup, you should also consider semi-permanent makeup.

Lastly, there are patients who are hindered by their medical ailments from applying makeup. For instance, they suffered from stroke, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. The solution will allow them to still look fresh and ready for any occasion both day and night.

Pigmentation Colors Use

You could be rest assured that the professionals who carry out the procedure use only the clinically tested pigments. Most of the time, you will encounter pigmentation made of natural minerals. These are inorganic and hypoallergenic, ensuring that even these are injected under the skin, no dysfunction will be encountered.

Types of Semi-Permanent Cosmetics Available

There are different types of semi-permanent makeup available for you to try as early as this week. You simply have to select based on your preferences or current needs. To provide you choices to begin with, here are the following:

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

There are many people who encounter issues with their imperfectly shaped eyebrows. No matter how hard they try to perfect the symmetry or achieve balance, everything seems impossible. Semi-permanent brows are also useful for people who have medical conditions, leading to loss of hair from different parts of the body. If your eyebrow pencil creates a smudge at the end of the day, the solution may be the most appropriate for you.

The process of eyebrow tattooing will depend on the professional. There are various techniques to encounter. There are experts who will ask you to wear an eyebrow pencil so they will know what your desired shape of brows is. Alternatively, there are medical professionals who do the guide themselves depending on your preferences. They may provide you images to select from, and may voice out their suggestions.

Depending on the professional, they may or may not choose to use anesthesia.. Those who opt not to use numbing creams instead of injections. After the tattoo process, you are free to go back for corrections, and some clinics offer improvements for free.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Besides eyebrow micropigmentation, you may also consider tattooed eyeliner for better facial definition. Many men and women use eyeliner to improve their self-confidence. It somehow gives them the ready-to-go look even if they apply less makeup. Nonetheless, mastering its application is quite difficult. Allergies to cosmetic products may bring even more issues.

The available semi-permanent eyeliners come in different colors and styles. You can consider a natural-looking enhancement or a customized line. It is also probable for a professional to ask you to wear an eyeliner to serve as the guide for the tattoo. Alternatively, he or she may suggest a style that perfects your appearance. There are also different devices used for the procedure: a cosmetic pen, a linear device, as well as a coil machine.

The expert may or may not use anesthetics before the procedure. Usually, an over-the-counter (OTC) anesthesia is used. Professionals know their limits in the use of numbing solutions so you got nothing to worry about. Throughout the process, eye drops or eye wash may be used to protect your eyes. Aftercare is also necessarily done.

Semi-Permanent Lipstick and Lip Liner

It is tiring to apply your lip liner and lipstick during different times of the day. There are also cases that the cosmetics you use make your lips chapped or very dry. If you no longer want to experience these dreadful things, you should consider semi-permanent cosmetics that will keep your lipsticks at bay.

If you will undergo semi-permanent tattooing or lipstick or lip liner, you can already correct your uneven lips. A better definition may also be achieved. According to experts, the procedure will even avoid the wrinkle development and bleeding issues.

You can select from the natural shades or the more cosmetic-like colors. It is also allowed to use lipsticks in case you need. Before the procedure, you will be required to attend a consultation. The assessment of the treatment’s success will be done alongside your objectives. Normally, you will be asked if you encounter issues, such as blisters or cold sores.

Similar to the aforementioned semi-permanent makeups, you may be treated with an anesthesia or not. Everything will likely be dependent on the physician’s directions. Devices commonly used for the procedure include a manual tool, a coil machine, a permanent cosmetic pen rotary, and a digital rotary machine.

Advantages of Semi-Permanent Makeup

There are reasons why you could consider semi-permanent makeup aside from the positive reception it received from real-life people who underwent the treatment. Although the solution has a high cost, no one can deny that its performance somehow overshadows this issue. To give you top reasons to trust the procedure, you may take regard of these pros:

Time Saver

Microblading is one way of saving yourself a lot of time from morning routines. Obviously, who would not want to wake up and be ready for work right away? Most likely, everyone would love to spend more snooze time instead of finishing up their makeup. Many people tend to become late for work due to their morning preparations. If you need to face the traffic, spending a long time in front of the mirror is not a good thing to maintain.

Subtle Makeup

Similar to applying a foundation, you also want your eyeliner, lip shade, or even brows appear untreated. This is where the idea of real beauty arises. The objective of the doctors who practice the cosmetic procedure is to make you natural-looking without the hint of micropigmentation. Although they apply pigmentation mimicking makeup, they want to make you look as natural as possible.

Medical Condition Solution

Your appearance will change drastically once you encountered medical ailments. There are times that your health issues will even keep you from applying cosmetics due to sensitivities or allergic reactions. Fortunately, there is a semi-permanent cosmetic that could give you a ready-to-go face.

Many sufferers of burns, accidents, and cosmetic accidents go for a semi-permanent solution. If your conditions hinder you from applying makeup conveniently, a long-term makeup solution is a remedy. Although semi-permanent cosmetics are not recommended for people with scarring history, it could solve a sensitive-skinned patient’s issue problem in using a traditional makeup.

Professional Work

If you will only visit a licensed clinic or beauty salon, you will be able to work with a trained expert in the field. These professionals know that they have to deal with their patients with care. Prior to the procedure, an evaluation is commonly done. Alongside, they guarantee the use of sterile equipment to prevent the transfer of bacteria, infections, and viruses from one person to another.

Rare Allergic Reactions

You can be certain that there are little to no allergic reactions reported with the use of pigments for natural and long-term cosmetics. Professionals who do the work meet the guidelines for disinfection and sterilization of materials they use. In addition, experts in semi-permanent cosmetics often attend the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classes to be refreshed or updated with the requirements under the law for safety of clients.


Many would not want to undergo the process for they thought the makeup could no longer be changed since it is permanent. This may be true to some extent. However, there are professionals who can change the shape and color of the makeup accordingly. You may consult the doctor when is the best time for a touch-up or correction.

Tips Before Your Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedure

In case you are decided to undergo a semi-permanent makeup treatment, you should be aware of the professional tips to follow. The success of the procedure is also dependent on how well you manage it before, during, and after.

Work With a Skilled Professional

If you would like your cosmetic procedure to be successful, you should only work with a skilled and expert one. There are cases reported that unskilled workers may put your eye safety at risk. There are others who even did not achieve their desired eyebrow shape. Only the trained and licensed doctors would know the proper procedure of tattooing cosmetics.

Do not be stubborn by worrying about the cost. Remember, your procedure may also involve anesthetics. Thus, only an expert should be able to handle your skin. You can check if a technician is trustworthy. For instance, in the United States, you can verify from the American Micropigmentation Academy if a person has passed the examinations for practical, oral, and written tests for semi-permanent or permanent makeup.

Do Not Panic About Fading

There are patients who encounter instant fading of their makeup, whereas others were able to sustain the natural color of their cosmetics. Your doctor knows best on what to do. For instance, if a darker ink may be required for a touch-up.

Think Carefully

No matter how effective the solution is, you must think carefully. This may be a semi-permanent cosmetic, but it does not mean it will fade in a day or two. It may take more than a year.

Now that you have more ideas regarding semi-permanent makeup, you no longer have to worry about getting the procedure. Alternatively, the facts given will guide you in preventing issues when dealing with professionals or the makeup itself.